LinkedIn marketing: How to make it work

I’ll show you how to set up a profile for your business to maximise the LinkedIn opportunity, and will highlight things like how to target prospects through the platform’s features, and how to groom a professional network.

Building trust through content marketing

Building trust through content marketing Content marketing is about more than building a brand and connecting with customers. Sure, it’s about telling a story, and offering information on your product or service, but deep down it’s about more than this – the brands that do content marketing really well, are those that build trust with their customers. And with content marketing being the lifeblood of all brand-customer interactions, good content… Read More »Building trust through content marketing

Content marketing, where did we go wrong?

The vast majority of businesses today are trying to harness the benefits of content marketing, yet only a small fraction are confident that their efforts are successful and productive. Even worse, about half their content is entirely unused, unread and unwanted. How can this be? If you think about the fact that only a few million blogs existed a decade ago, and now we over a billion today, where did… Read More »Content marketing, where did we go wrong?

Give your sales cycle a boost with automated lead nurturing

Marketing campaigns often start well and attract good leads. However, this the easy part. Keeping those leads happy while guiding them through the path that leads to the sale is the hard part, particularly if your sales cycle is a long one. Don’t make the mistake of bombarding potential customers with content and disturbing them with unsolicited calls. It is annoying and counterproductive and only ends up pushing them away.… Read More »Give your sales cycle a boost with automated lead nurturing

Getting B2B social media right

In the early days of social media, many brands spent their time getting as many ‘likes’ as they could, creating dialogue around their products or services, and pushing special offers. However, savvy B2B marketers bided their time, waiting to see how it would all play out in terms of social media and technology, and what could happen to really drive their businesses forward. Today, it’s not enough to have tons… Read More »Getting B2B social media right