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The Start
Our journey began six years after the first domain was registered in South Africa. Having worked in the digital space for more than 17 years at one the biggest local tech news sites, during which time sales and customer service targets were consistently exceeded and grown, Publishared began. We believe that through the combined expertise we have gained through years of experience in online advertising, content management, content curation, thought leadership, CRM management, and social selling, we can enhance clients’ communication strategies with their most valuable target markets.

The Vision
We have personally made more than 70 000 LinkedIn connections thanks to our strong relationships in the industry as well as certain social selling techniques we have developed. The result? Our clients have seen improved and highly targeted lead generation, leading to ROI that comes from personalised, targeted communication.

Business to Business Focus
Publishared works exclusively in the B2B market. We understand the challenge of communicating to senior business decision makers, and our expertise is entirely focused on reaching the targeted C-Suite / CEO and MD of larger coporates, rather then consumers. This is why, if you review our profiles on LinkedIn, you will see our connections are mostly your senior decision makers. We know these guys, we know how to talk to them, and how to ensure engagement from their side as well. Let us help you become more human, with less humans by building your network, your connections, your brand and your voice to your most targeted prospects.


How can we help?

The only way to consistently grow in B2B is to be better than very good - Seth Godin
Digital Marketing

Digital can be hectic, and most consumer strategies don't work for the business decision maker. Publishared uses targeted platforms and strategy, using SEO, social, publishers, and Google Ads, as well as retargeting - always cognisant of the B2B audience the client is targeting.

Content Creation

We know who the best writers are (and who are not!). This has afforded us the luxury of partnering with the best of the best to ensure that content can be created on the fly, a voice note from you, we research, and you approve. Creating content doesn't need to be time-consuming for clients.


We have a unique style when it comes to our clients’ social strategies. We free up your time, by handlind the process, nurturing relationships, starting conversations, and ultimately increasing sales. We can manage your social selling through LinkedIn, and all other platforms too.

Client Retention

CRM has been a passion of ours since inception, and we believe client service and retention as crucial a business goal as the acquisition of new clients. It costs five times as much to attract a new customer than it does to keep and to exist one. Let us help you keep them loyal.

Key Relationships

Established, strong relationships with B2B Publishers.

70k Business Connections

Allowing us help you connect to the contact you need to speak to.

6 000+ New Connections

For our 30+ execs doing social selling with us.

70+ Clients

Loving Publishared, and renewing their agreements due to ROI.


What is this Social Selling?

Publishared focuses on building a personalised brand between your sales force, and your must-win accounts.


Using a combination of different social platforms and software technologies, Publishared takes social selling to the next level. Using unique algorithms, Publishared connects you to your most important, must-win accounts.



Once connected, the nurturing journey begins through continuous engagement, education and conversation. All of this is achieved with minimal input and time from your side.



We ensure higher visibility, awareness, and credibility to your most targeted market. This, coupled with the consistent engagement, enables you to be closing the warm deals already on the table, and automatically warm up the rest.


Automated CRM

There are numerous ways to build relationships without any personal intervention. With automated action points, reminders and strategy, Publishared can increase your customer retention and satisfaction significantly through the technology we believe in.


And Zoho?

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Zoho One


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Zoho CRM


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Our shout outs...

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Need more?

There is a lot more to a digital journey...
Call Down

Let our experienced team of callers secure meetings for you, with top C-Suite execs in SA.


Let us help you on choosing the right key-words to secure conversion. 


Ensuring the any readers vistiting your website are then placed on a journey and retargeted through the Google Display Network.


Create pages that funnel leads from cold, to interested, to meeting with good content and digital savvy.

Email Templates &

Ensure brand consistency on all communication send to your clients and prospects. Centrally controlled so that campaign activation is rolled out through the entire organisation.


Publishared can assist in revamping your company social media platforms, as well as your executives LinkedIn profiles as well.


The gals...

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." --Phil Jackson
Michelle Losco

Founder & CEO

Belinda Ndlovu

Office Manager

Natalie Kock

Operations Manager

Priya Ramsoomair

CRM and Client Retention

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